To whom our services
are offered?

Our Clients are organizations and businesses for whom

  • the lawful and ethical operation,
  • the fair and mutually profitable cooperation with the business partners, and
  • the transparent and corruption-free operation of the organization

are of key importance.




To whom management advisory services
are offered?

Our management advisory services are offered to owners and management of goal oriented and results driven companies who require full scope and multiple-perspective examination of the market environment and future partners before engaging in business decisions and entering into legally binding contracts. Our services are also recommended when due diligence of corporate processes and review of legal compliance related to the own or the targeted business entity is necessary. We welcome among our Clients businesses, as well, where process organization becomes necessary, or when they are facing economic issues not of common occurrence as a result of in-house or intra-group restructuring.



To whom our anti-fraud services
are offered?

Our anti-fraud services (namely fraud prevention, detection, investigation and after-fraud consultancy) are offered to the management of performance-oriented businesses focusing on ethical operations when there is a suspicion of a specific fraud occurring in the present or having been occurred in the past which may have a detrimental impact on the operability, profitability and market reputation of the company. We also welcome your business among our Clients if there seem to be no sign for an ongoing fraud, but there is no comprehensive anti-fraud strategy in place, or there exist such policies but they are incomplete, out of date or they do not give appropriate protection against frauds and attacks affecting the company’s assets.

Besides the corporate management, our anti-fraud services are also offered to owners, current or future shareholders, investors before purchasing shares, financing institutions, insurance companies, credit insurance companies, and corporate entities before entering into legal relationships if it becomes necessary to thoroughly assess existing and potential fraud risks of future business partners and target entities.

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