Management advisory services

Our management advisory services are realized in two directions. Outwards they are designed to serve the security, transparency and problem-free implementation of business deals while inwards they are designed to ensure the reasonable, adequately controlled and cost-efficient operation of internal processes. We find it essential to provide our Clients with a wide range of information in the course of making their business decisions as this enables the most efficient use of corporate resources and the selection of the most effective structures and solutions applicable in the long run.

In order to realize the above objectives, we provide our Clients with the following services:

Business consultancy services

An agreement concluded for several years and/or involving significant financial resources targeted to mutually ensure both the business and legal interests of the contractual parties shall be prudently prepared based on several concurrent standpoints. In our experience this does not completely overlap the legal preparation of business contracts as beyond legal compliance aspects business and operation points shall also be taken into account for the safe, economic and smooth implementation of an arrangement. In the framework of business consultancy services we are at our Clients’ disposal in developing, coordinating and debating agreements integrating settlement, bookkeeping, legal, commercial, service-specific and security viewpoints.

Preliminary control of business partners

Before entering into legally binding contracts involving or influencing significant funds, complex business transactions and service packages, long-term legal commitments, sensitive data, trade secrets or personal data it is recommended to monitor the business partners and contributors engaged looking back on more years and considering several focus points with the intention of protecting our Clients’ legal and security interests. Based on client needs the preliminary control of business partners may cover the check of ownership and management structure, the analysis of financial performance or the acquisition of potentially negative market information. The aim of the service is to put business and security risks down to the lowest possible level.

Corporate due diligence

In several cases (such as sale and purchase of a company’s shares, transformation, merger or de-merger of corporate entities) a comprehensive check may become necessary for the purposes of discovering hidden risks related to the target corporate entity. This company-wide review may cover the target company’s business processes and their compliance to external legal and internal corporate regulations, its business transactions, claims and business partners, the economic performance and efficiency, the tax (fiscal) discipline, the off-balance sheet items and security systems. In the framework of corporate due diligence services we provide our Clients with an extensive professional support in conducting an overall review based on pre-arranged focus areas and schedule and in the assessment of findings on the basis of business and legal points of view with the intention of facilitating substantial business decisions.

Transaction review, dispute resolution

In a company’s history various situations may occur when legal disputes arise as during the performance of agreements the contracting parties’ understanding on certain contractual provisions may remarkably differ from each other with special regard to settlement issues and potential breaches of contract. Taking into consideration that a long-lasting legal dispute may cause significant expenditures and operation problems to contracting parties it is advisable to settle disputes based on the parties’ mutual concerns thus avoiding court proceedings. During the performance of our services we review the business agreements, facts and financial settlements serving as a basis for dispute, and after a comprehensive evaluation we present suggestions to the options for peaceful dispute resolution. If necessary, our services involve the agreement’s restructuring based on business and legal aspects in order to uphold the business relationship for the benefit of both parties.

Process organization and management

Throughout the growth of a business new service lines, new products and fresh internal processes may be introduced. Furthermore it may become necessary to reorganize already existing procedures based on functional and cost efficiency, HR and security-related aspects. In achieving these objectives we provide our Clients with professional support based on our colleagues’ and expert partners’ extensive professional experience. In case of introducing new procedures our assistance involves the assessment, the documentation, the setting up and regulation of new workflows. In case of reorganizing already existing procedures we support our Clients with the assessment and documentation of the existing procedure, discovering factors resulting in money waste, time loss and security risks, further setting up, documenting and regulating the new process based on previously agreed considerations and expectations.

Structuring advisory services

Our structuring services include both in-house and intra-group consultancy. In-house reorganizations, outsourcing or insourcing of specific business functions are regularly induced by the development of the company and by the changes in business models and activities, in corporate procedures and in the legal climate. The purpose of them may be the improvement of functional and cost efficiency, business and expansion considerations, as well. The intra-group consultancy covers services in a wider sense, namely advisory regarding functional reorganizations, group expansion and setting up new group of companies involving both domestic and foreign group members. In the course of making such business decisions we provide our Clients with assistance taking into consideration business, legal, taxation and security aspects and always keeping in mind the company’s individual and group-level business interests.

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