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Fair business and dynamic development
with F-Projekt advisors

Our advisory firm was called into being upon the growing demand for business life based on transparency and basic human values. As founders and owners of F-Projekt Ltd. we firmly believe that the grounds and framework of fair business built on mutual trust and ethical responsibility may definitely be created and maintained in the long-run. We are committed for business cooperation where all parties are winners and can realize success upon closing a transaction. In our understanding the key factors leading to fruitful business lie in transparency and development, and we are convinced that these two components while strengthening each other keep your company on the move.

Based on the above, we have set up two service lines for our Clients in the form of management

advisory services and anti-fraud services. The aim of our management advisory services is to help our Clients in setting up and structuring business transactions keeping in mind the parties’ economic interests, further in elaborating feasible and productive processes and efficient organizational schemes. That is to say we support our Clients in effective business management by providing professional and personalized procedures.

We stay at our Clients’ disposal with a wide range of fraud-related services from fraud prevention to after-fraud consultancy services in order to mitigate the risk of committing fraud and to decrease the amount of losses deriving from fraudulent activities to the lowest possible extent.

We are ready for assisting you in the effective and

dynamic development of your business with strong mindset of respecting the prevailing legal regulations and targeting fraud risk mitigation. Our colleagues’ and professional partners’ expertise concerning several professional areas looking back for a considerable period of time allows us to take over the burden of recognizing and managing corporate risks from our Clients.

We are convinced that in most cases a specific business is a losing game only if it is relinquished. We contribute to resolving seemingly irreparable situations and problems in a creative and innovative way with an external expert’s perspective since based on our professional experience effective outcomes may be achieved with appropriate approach and attitude in numerous apparently helpless situations.

Who we are?

Lead Consultant

Lilian Sándor JD, CFE

Managing partner, lead consultant, certified fraud examiner, contributing to our Clients’ success with more than 15 years of legal practice, more than 10 years of business consultancy, tax advisory and managerial experience, further more than 5 years of investigation expertise.
Lead Consultant

Zoltán Dervadelin

Managing partner, lead consultant, furtherancing our Clients’ effectiveness with a considerable, more than 15 years of professional experience gained in commercial and security areas, further more than 5 years of investigation, advisory and managerial expertise.

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Should our services attract your interest, we remain at your disposal to the following contacts. We are happy to meet you in person based on pre-arrangement. If required, we are flexible to meet you at an external site or at your headquarters, as well.
+36 70 200 8884

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